Alexander Vinitsky – Jazz For Classic Guitar Made Easy

May 13 2015

Alexander Vinitsky – Jazz For Classic Guitar Made Easy

This original music for solo and duo guitar features beautiful melodies and convenient fingering and is very easy to perform. The author’s comments explain how to move from classical style to jazz. The pieces, divided into to two chapters, Etudes and Pieces, are written in different jazz styles: Swing, Bossa Nova, and Blues. Their melodies are perfect and their harmonies refined. Seven duets are included which may be played either by two guitars or by guitar and a melody instrument.
They have fine melodies and are easy to perform. The first part can be played by the beginner. These duets can be used in teaching situations with teacher and student playing together. Written in notation only.
Alexander Vinitsky the well known Russian guitarist, composer and arranger, musician with original, extensive, repertoire, refined taste and individual style. He plays an electro-acoustic guitar with nylon strings. Concert repertory of Alexander Vinitsky is comprises his own compositions in different jazz styles-swing, stride, bossa nova, jazz-samba, blues, jazz rock, new age.

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 33 pages

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