Alan de Mause – 101 Jazz Guitar Licks

Apr 17 2020

Alan de Mause – 101 Jazz Guitar Licks

Alan de Mause 101 Jazz Guitar Licks PDF. This book is more than just a catchy collection of jazz guitar licks. It presents a teaching concept which relates a great-sounding guitar phrase to a typical chord progression and also to a typical standard tune. All examples are in notation and tablature and are applicable to pick or fingerstyle jazz.


  • Major Seventh Sound
  • Dominant Seventh Sound
  • Minor Seventh Sound
  • Diminished Seventh Sound
  • Augmented Sound
  • Varietes of Licks Built on Chord Progressions from Standart Tunes
  • Introductions
  • Endings


Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3).

Download Alan de Mause – 101 Jazz Guitar Licks free and other lessons from our site


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  1. ajoy rakshit /

    where is dat pdf file???? :/

  2. ali /

    :elvis: hello I am ali from Iran

  3. miguel luciano /

    Alan is my friend,and I was his luthier for many years in New York.Very fine guitar player & guitar teacher. I moved out to P.R and I miss him a lot. Miguel

  4. rh.mohammad /

    thnx a lot .
    could U plz Upload more Videos on Vocal training ?

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