Alan Dawson – The Drummer’s Complete Vocabulary

May 12 2016

Alan Dawson – The Drummer’s Complete Vocabulary

This book, with its two audio CDs, is the closest you’ll come to being able to actually take lessons with the drumming legend himself who is no longer with us. The inclusion of Dawson talking about and demonstrating some of the lessons himself, is the icing on the cake. Whether or not you are a fan of Alan Dawson’s style, you’ll find something of value in this book. Not only will it help improve your sight reading skills but it will increase your overall technique and four-way coordination as well. Highly recommended for drummers of all experience levels from beginners through advanced.
After an introduction by the author John Ramsay, Alan’s bio by Dean Anderson, and a discography by Michael Haggerty, the book is divided into four main chapters. Each chapter covers a different facet of Dawson’s lessons in detail.


  • Rudiments
  • Four-Way Coordination
  • Single-Stroke Roll Exercises
  • Soloing

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3).

Download Alan Dawson – The Drummer’s Complete Vocabulary free and other lessons from our site


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