Alain Reiher – 20 Miniatures

Aug 03 2020

Alain Reiher – 20 Miniatures

Alain Reiher 20 Miniatures PDF. This group of small compositions by Haitian-born guitarist/composer Alain Reiher is arranged in more-or-less progressive order, beginning very innocently and becoming somewhat more complex as one proceeds through the volume (but only to early intermediate level of technical difficulty). Appropriately for the idea of “miniatures”, the individual pieces are conceptually simple, but this is not to be construed as simplistic. There is considerable musical content here. The harmonic language is sometimes unexpected, keeping the interest and a feeling of freshness, but it always sounds logical in retrospect. It does not seem that the set is necessarily conceived as a single performance unit, although the final miniature is a more developped re-statement of the first one. The CD by the composer is helpful in locating the intent and the style.
Alain Reiher has 20 miniatures have a range of feeling that I’ll describe as playful, fanciful, insightful, dreamy, bluesy, and spacey. No 1. is easy enough for a beginner. Most require more work, however, this book will have something for everyone from beg to intermediate.

Format: PDF + CD Audio tracks (Mp3). 40 pages


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