Alain Caron – Rhythm’n Jazz

Feb 15 2023

Alain Caron – Rhythm’n Jazz

Alain Caron Rhythm n Jazz PDF. Ultimate Play-along for Bass. Jam with Alain Caron and his band. The scores, parts and master tracks Alain Caron’s CD Rhythm’n Jazz. The play-along CD contains the exact tracks that appear on Alain’s album, minus the bass, so you can play with these great musicians.
Alain Caron is an amazing bassist, with a great sound and frightening technical abilities. This album is full of incredible, mind-numbing riffs and tasteful supportive playing with a very competent band.

Songs include:

  • The Bump
  • Fat Cat
  • District 6
  • Slam the Clown
  • Little Miss Match
  • I.C.U.
  • Cherokee Drive
  • Fight of the Bumble Bee
  • Donna Lee
  • Intuitions


Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 74 pages


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