Adam Levy – 50 Low-Down Rhythms You Must Know

May 25 2021

Adam Levy – 50 Low-Down Rhythms You Must Know

Adam Levy – 50 Low-Down Rhythms You Must Know. Wanna suck the groove out of any of your favorite rock, blues, soul or funk hit songs from the 60’s on forward? Mute the rhythm guitar part. Case closed.
Consummate guitarist, educator and composer Adam Levy is your groove guide for these 50 Low-Down Rhythms You MUST Know. Adam is also a rhythm fanatic and monster player thereof, “Rhythm is the basis for all great guitar playing. The better your understanding of rhythm concepts, the deeper your groove. The deeper your groove, the better everything you play sounds.”
Throughout 50 Low-Down Rhythms, Adam guides you on an illuminating learning adventure across the fretboards of the very best in the rhythm guitar biz. From Billy Butler’s upbeat rhythm work on Honky Tonk, to Steve Cropper’s moves and grooves supporting Otis Redding and Sam & Dave, to Cornell Dupree’s soulful stylings, Leo Nocentelli’s funky stuff with the Meters, Ry Cooder’s rhythm guitar genius, the Beatle’s hypnotic fingerstyle parts circa the White Album, Neil Young’s double-drop-D tunings, Hidalgo/Rojas Los Lobos’ two-guitar moves, Keith Richard’s signature open G work, Jimi Hendrix’s rhythmic magic, Bossa Nova chops ala Joao Gilberto, and tons of other rhythm guitar insight from lesser-known yet equally-skilled players – it’s all ‘low-down’ and it’s all here.
You’ll learn versatile rhythm parts with moving bass lines, rhythm parts that take very effective advantage of open tunings, easily movable partial-chord shapes, how to capitalize on the sound of open strings with a capo, how to decorate simple chords with hammer-ons and pull-offs, comping with sliding double-stops, layering parts with fingerstyle patterns, arpeggiating chords for texture, and best practices for combining lead and rhythm in your performances – it’s all ‘low-down’ and it’s all here.
Dig deep into 50 Low-Down Rhythms You MUST Know and no one will ever think of muting your rhythm guitar tracks either.


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Adam Levy - 50 Low-Down Rhythms You Must Know

Adam Levy – 50 Low-Down Rhythms You Must Know

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